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Webcam DriverWebcams from Microsoft, Logitech, Panasonic, Sony, Labtec, Creative Technologies and others will not function properly without the proper drivers. Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems can have problems recognizing what types of webcams are attached to the computer if the proper driver isn’t available. In some cases, not having the right drivers for your webcam can result in corrupted sectors on your hard drive, system quirkiness and even crashes. Obviously, it’s important to have the most up-to-date drivers for your webcam.

When you upgrade your driver for your webcam, it can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Generally, it requires that you find the manufacturer and model number of the camera. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to locate the Web site of the manufacturer that makes the camera. Of course, finding the site is only half the battle. Once you’re on the site, you’ll need to do a search of the Web site for drivers. Some manufacturers are very good about making their driver updates easy to access. However, many sites bury the driver updates deep within their sites, which makes them incredibly hard to find. If you’re successful in finding the correct drivers, you can download them.


Installing drivers for your Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 system can also be tricky. The install wizard can hang or possibly even corrupt the driver software. Either one of these scenarios can cause problems with your web cam. If you have an error free installation process, congratulations, you’ve updated your drivers! Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to go through this entire process with your web cam drivers within a month or two.

Worse yet, you’ll need to do it with each and every driver on your computer system. Why should you have to deal with the frustration of finding the right drivers, downloading and installing them manually? You don’t. With an amazing piece of software called Driver Detective, you can automate this process and with the click of a mouse, you can update all of your drivers quickly and easily.

Driver Detective is a simple and easy-to-use product that allows you to automatically search for your webcam driver and other drivers and streamline the download and installation process. More importantly, it allows you to free up time you would normally spend hunting for the correct webcam driver. Driver Detective will ensure that your webcam driver and other peripheral drivers are all current and working properly.

Web Cam Driver Download: Microsoft, Logitech, Panasonic, Sony, Labtec, Creative Technologies. Your webcam not listed? no problem
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