Is it Important to Update Your Drivers?

Most people while using the computer do not even understand the meaning of ‘software drivers’ and moreover they do not understand what their task is while the computer is working. Of course one can ask: “Why does a computer need this strange thing?” It is quite simple to answer to this question. A software driver is like a converter between your OS (Operating System) and the hardware device. Also it would be very complicated or even impossible for your OS to control hundreds of thousands of unique hardware.

Driver Update ProgramYou may think that such simple devices as a computer mouse or a keyboard can work without any special drivers but what about those programmable buttons which require installing the proper software from the manufacturer? Another story concerns a video card. It is a complex hardware that needs correct drivers or otherwise it will function incorrectly.

There are cases when a software driver is installed (usually that happens with a CD or DVD) and you are wondering whether you should check the manufacture’s website for a newer version or just continue using it. The general rule is working here “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. If your computer is running good with your old version then there is no need to update your drivers as some stability problem or devise conflicts can appear. There are many reasons new drivers are better than persisting with older ones:

• Minor performance increase: it concerns only gaming-grade cards i.e. they may deliver a few percent more FPS in video games and benchmarks with new drivers. You may want to keep up with your graphics card driver versions, but it’s not necessary.

• Bug fixes and stability improvements: in spite of the fact that before releasing hardware device drivers, all of them are carefully tested, various stability problems or device conflicts may appear. If your computer crashes when doing specific tasks, install newer drivers.

• New Features: it is evident that with a new driver software you get additional priorities: improved program keystrokes for your gaming keyboard, or improved features for your graphics tablet. It is up to you whether you need that new feature or not, if not then there is no need to update your driver.

The point is that if you were a gamer then to increase the performance of your computer as much as possible would be very important for you, but for the average user installing the newest driver is not only time consuming (visiting the manufacturer’s site, locating the download page, downloading the driver, installing it and restarting the PC), but might cause various problems such as conflicts with your specific hardware configuration. The old proverb mentioned earlier applies perfectly here.

There is no need to check the websites of every hardware manufacturer for new driver versions. Download a driver update program that will do all the work, i.e. searching for the newest correct driver version for our device, downloading and installing it automatically.

latestIs it Important to Update Your Drivers?