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Headphone DriverThe scenario is familiar to many people. You sit down with your computer and plan to relax by listening to some tunes while you surf the Web. You put your headphones on, start up your music software and hit “Play”. No sound. You try again with the same result. Sometimes the problem may lie within the hardware. The headphones might be broken or the output may have a problem. Most of the time, though, it’s probably just an outdated headphone driver.

Outdated or corrupted headphone drivers are the most common reason for headphone malfunctions, computer problems and even system crashes. Computers that run Windows 7, Vista, XP or ME require device drivers that, in essence, make the hardware work. While some peripherals may work without drivers, they may not have all of the functionality that the manufacturer intended for them to have if the proper driver isn’t installed. This is usually the case with headphones. Sadly, the task of finding the right drivers is often more painful than going to the local store to purchase a new set of headphones.


Updating your headphone drivers requires you to know the manufacturer and model. After you have this information, you can search for the proper manufacturer Web site. Sony, AKG Acoustics, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats by Dr. Dre, Pioneer, Philips, Koss, JVC and RumbleFX are only a few of the many headphone manufacturers whose headphones require drivers to work properly under the Windows operating system. This alone is enough to cause a headache.

After you’ve found the manufacturer’s Web site, you can try to locate the page where the driver downloads are. Sometimes, this is as simple as doing a search, however, not all Web sites have a search function. Once you’ve found the correct driver, you can download and install it. Unfortunately, the installation process can be full of pitfalls as well. Many times, the installer will corrupt the driver software during the installation. This can lead to system problems and crashes.

Driver Detective will automatically locate, download and install the appropriate headphone drivers all with the click of a button. Driver Detective is so easy to use that you’ll be back to doing the fun things on your computer that you want to do. Driver Detective is the best tool for keeping your drivers in order and your system running smoothly.

Try it today and enjoy the benefits of a computer system that runs more efficiently. Wether you listen to music, play games or just surf the web on your laptop, notebook, netbook or desktop PC make sure your drivers are in first class condition.

PC Headphones Driver Download: Sony, AKG Acoustics, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats by Dr. Dre, Pioneer, Philips, Koss, JVC, RumbleFX, Gaming Headphones and more!. Your headphones not listed? no problem!
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