Driver Detective Screenshots

Partnered with Norton SafeIn order to understand the simple but powerful way Driver Detective deals with drivers on the your computer we have compiled screenshots of the 3 steps it takes to get your drivers updated.

Download the the software for free, run the installer and click the scan now button. You can download the latest version of Driver Detective by CLICKING HERE.

download driver detective

After a few seconds, yes just a few short seconds! Driver Detective finishes the thorough scan of your Windows based computer and presents you with your personalized report detailing on out of date drivers, no drivers installed and up to date drivers all in a easy to understand pie chart and text.

scan computer for drivers

In this screenshot you can see it took only 10 seconds to perform the scan on the test computer (brand new XPS Dell). The software came back with an amazing 17 driver problems for a new Dell, factory driver drivers installed so just think what results can be achived with older computers that are 2-5 years old.

scan results for driver detective

As you can see, Driver Detective works 100%. The software scans for every single driver on your system in a matter of seconds. All you need to do then is register the product which takes just a minute. If you have any concerns about out of date drivers or have a slow performing computer then download Driver Detective today.