Partnered with Norton SafeA device driver is how your computer communicates with all the hardware that is connected to your PC.
With Windows based computers (XP, ME, Windows 2000, Vista, 7 and Windows 8) it is very important that your device drivers are managed properly and you can do this by ensuring that they are updated.

With Driver Detective you can update very single device driver with one simple scan and fix – not only will this make your hardware run as it should but also helps in reducing error messages and keeps your computer running in a fast and healthy condition.

AC97 Drivers

AC97 DriversObviously, it’s important to make sure that the AC97 drivers are always updated. This ensures that audio codecs are up-to-date and that your system is running the way it’s supposed to.

Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth DriversBluetooth data transfer is used by many devices from PCs, mobile phones and even gaming consoles. Make sure your bluetooth device is transferring at lightning speeds with Driver Detective.

DVD Drivers

DVD DriversWhen it comes to finding the right drivers for all of your internal and external computer hardware including DVD ROM Drives then use the best software utility program.

Firewire Drivers

Firewire DriversFirewire devices enable us to work, play games or surf the web faster. Make sure your Firewire device is running a maxmum speed by downloading the latest driver.

Graphics Card Drivers

Display DriversGraphics card drivers are one of the most important components associated with your computer. Driver Detective will help you keep this piece of hardware running smoothly and efficiently.

Headphone Drivers

Headphone DriversEliminate the headaches and frustration associated with finding the correct drivers for your headphones by using the best driver scanner software.

Keyboard Drivers

Keyboard DriversThe keyboard is one of the most important devices that we use every day. Make sure your keyboard drvier is updated to the latest release with Driver Detective.

Motherboard Drivers

Mainboard DriversDriver Detective provides easy access to all available motherboard drivers. Driver Detective’s intuitive interface will have you downloading and installing the correct drivers for your computer in no time.

Mouse Drivers

Mouse DriversMouse drivers are common to every computer system. These pieces of software provide added functionality to your mouse and are important for it to work properly.

Printer Drivers

Printer DriversPrinter driver incompatibility is one of the most common causes of computer problems. Driver Detective will help eliminate these problems easily and effectively.

Router Drivers

Router DriversRouters are fiddly, complicated devices hardware devices that need careful attention when dealing with driver updates. Take no chances and let a professional software program update your router.

Scanner Drivers

Scanner DriversDriver Detective is the best tool for updating scanner drivers and all of your other peripheral device drivers. Driver Detective will help keep your system running smoothly.

Sound Card Drivers

Web Cam DriversDriver Detective is an all in one tool that will keep your system running smoothly. Since your soundcard is an integral part of your computer system, it’s important that it has the appropriate drivers.

USB Drivers

USB DriversUse the best selling driver update software which acts like a one-stop shop for all of your USB and peripheral driver needs. No more wasted hours of searching for out of date drivers.

Webcam Drivers

Web Cam DriversUpdated webcam drivers are integral to making sure your webcam works properly. Driver Detective will assist you in keeping this peripheral working properly.

Wireless Network Drivers

Wireless Network Card DriversDriver Detective is the most efficient way to update your wireless network card driver, as well as all of your other peripheral drivers.